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Five Must See Sights in Koh Samui

Koh Samui is quite simply, the most beautiful island getaway on this Earth. Chaweng Beach


Situated in the Gulf of Thailand, just off of Thailand’s western coastline, there is no better paradise to escape to when you want to relax and enjoy sun, sand and sea at its ultimate best. But when you’re staying at Koh Samui for just a short time, what on Earth will you see? With so many highlights, it can be impossible to decide where to go. Therefore, we’ve made it simple for you, by outlining the five must-see sights in Samui.

1. Koh Samui is a haven for tourists. One of the 5 must see sights on Samui Island is Laem Sett Beach. So much more than just a beach, glittering blue waters, and golden sands, Laem Sett is home to a wide range of stunning resorts which make for a perfect, romantic escape to paradise. One of the most charming locations on the island, it’s also one of Samui’s few remaining beaches that is free from the hectic, wild night life scene the island is so famous for – offering visitors a genuine relaxing holiday that nowhere else on the island can match.

2. Chaweng Beach is one of the most visited beaches in Samui because of its laidback and party scene. Since 1990, the beach has been developed for Samui tourism. Now, it is a haven for tourists looking for a Koh Samui holiday by the beach during the day and a beach party by night.

3. The Big Buddha Beach, another attraction in the island makes it to the top 5 reasons to go to Samui. It is situated only fifteen minutes away from Chaweng beach and is similarly beautiful. The beach is known for being exotic and lined up with places of entertainment and relaxation for its visitors. Tourists can stay at the their resort and relax by the beach during the day. By night, they can choose among the parties and club lined up along the beach.

4. From the airport, you can stop by the Wat Phra Yai Temple, which stands out because of its large size and striking design. Travel routes starting from the airport will not fail to notice the Wat Phra Yai Temple, a famous tourist spot in Koh Samui that is especially known for its marvelous Buddha sculpture which stands 12 meters in the temple.

5. Those staying on the island can drop by the Ancient House during the day. The Ancient House on Samui can be found in Ban Thale and is the oldest house built more than 150 years ago. It has an extraordinary architecture and was put together without the use of nails but only teak planks. Its woodcarvings are exquisite and are visited by many tourists on Koh Samui holiday.

By Dickson Etuhu  |   

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