Welcome to Ko Samui


Welcome to Ko Samui

Ko Samui is like a well-established Hollywood celebrity: she’s outrageously manicured, has lovely blonde tresses and has gracefully removed all of her wrinkles without more than a peep in the tabloids. She’s been in the tourism business longer than almost any other Thai island, but rather than becoming passe, she’s embraced a new generation of resort goers, many of them upscale. Academy Award–winning holidays here include fine stretches of sand clogged with beach loungers, rubbish-free roads, world-class international cuisine, luxurious spas and beach bar parties for scantily clad 20-somethings that start at noon. Welcome to Ko Samui

Welcome to Ko Samui

Welcome to Ko Samui

Behind the glossy veneer there’s still a glimmer of the girl from the country. Look for steaming street-side food stalls beyond the beach, backpacker shanties plunked down on quiet stretches of sand and secreted Buddhist temples along the backstreets. To really get away, head to the south or the west of the island where you’ll find authentic Samui family-run seafood restaurants, tourist-free towns buzzing with descendants of the original Chinese merchant settlers and long stretches of refreshingly wild and shaggy coconut palms.

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Chaweng Beach Nightlife


cocktail-glasses-with-candle-light-in-rooftop-bar-against-city-view_Koh Samui Hotels, Samui Beachfront, Chaweng Hotel, First Bungalow, Hotel Samui, rental Samui, booking room, Thailand, full moon party, koh phangan, koh tao samui festival samui event samui wea one day trip samuiChaweng Beach Nightlife

The night scene at Chaweng beach is as vibrant and lively as typical Koh Samui nightlife truly is.


The fun simply never ceases, what with the great places to explore and people to encounter. Chaweng happens to be one of two locations (the other one being Lamai), where party owls out to have a good, rocking-and-rolling time can find just what they’re looking for. Many discotheques remain open to serve guests till dawn. Come and see Chaweng’s night party scene, and stay for the great music, world-class entertainment, and the best that Koh Samui nightlife has to offer.


Soi Green Mango

Immerse yourself in the excitement and gaiety of Koh Samui nightlife along this strip, just a mere U-turn past the Beach Road of Central Chaweng. Party music blares off powerful speakers in nightspots all jockeying for guests to come in and get a taste of what partying at night should really be. If you’re up for a rollicking good time while spending leisurely hours with good and hospitable company, try out the girlie bar delights offered by pick-up and go-go bars just on the northern side of this strip.

If you’re just hankering for easy merriment, then head for Green Mango Club, a large warehouse converted into a fun place, where house and techno music lovers can indulge with gusto at the main area, while hip-hop and mainstream music lovers can revel at the entrance area. Sweet Soul Café, a popular beer-, cocktail- and shooters-paradise with excellent service plus music selections to match, is nestled smack in the center of the strip. Other must-see party places along this strip: GB Lounge/Dream Girls; Mint Bar; Solo Café; Sound and Moulin Rouge. Koh Samui nightlife is at its best here at Soi Green Mango.


Soi Reggae

The largely go-goish ambience this side of Chaweng is centered on this strip, where Koh Samui nightlife becomes naughty in all its aspects. If you’re out for racy fun, this is the place for you. Have fun with the adrenaline-packed ambience, attentive service and spirited girls who guarantee satisfaction. For upscale entertainment by stage belles, you should head to Moulin Rouge. Not up to such debauchery? Make a beeline for Petch Bucha Thai Boxing Stadium for some authentic Muay Thai boxing while sipping drinks from the bar. If you’re just looking to have great dancing at a respectable place, Reggae Pub awaits, with its great core of live band entertainment and international DJ’s.


Chaweng Beach Road.

If you’re out for some serious family entertainment, visit this strip for a cleaner and more wholesome taste of Koh Samui nightlife. There’s family-friendly Ark Bar, where fire dancers entertain restaurant diners and bar drinkers, plus soothing music, dancing and dining al-fresco on the beach. Bar @ C offers a lazy, lounge-style atmosphere. Red Snapper offers spectacular food, great cocktails, nightly live bands entertainment plus a wide screen. Irish-inspired pub Tropical Murphy’s has English-conversant staff serving great food and beer, with equally superb ambient music, quizzes and pool. This place has live music and sports, too, plus terrace dining. Brazilian- concept Zico’s has more mature entertainment, live percussion and sax players, great cocktails, a salad bar and skewered fresh meat. Solo Bar boasts of classy interiors and great ambient and DJ music, a number of plasma screens for sporting events viewing, half price cocktails at specific hours, and a pool table.



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Wedding Drea Koh Samui Hotels, Samui Beachfront, Chaweng Hotel, First Bungalow, Hotel Samui, rental Samui, booking room, Thailand, full moon party, koh phangan, koh tao samui festival samui event samui wea one day trip samui

Wedding Dreams in the Sand


Wedding Dreams Koh Samui Hotels, Samui Beachfront, Chaweng Hotel, First Bungalow, Hotel Samui, rental Samui, booking room, Thailand, full moon party, koh phangan, koh tao samui festival samui event samui wea one day trip samui


Have you ever dreamed about having your wedding on a tropical island beach? The sensation of the warm afternoon sand between your toes; the natural harmony of the sea as it gently caresses the shoreline; standing hand-in-hand, with the one you love, committing to one another completely. Sound like a romantic dream? As you will discover on Koh Samui, dreams can come true…

But why opt for this island paradise as your dream wedding destination? In case you need a little extra encouragement, here are a few considerations.

* Welcome to “The Land of Smiles”. As you enter Samui’s tropical and most unquestionably unique open-walled airport, you will immediately feel the warmth and hospitality ‘Amazing Thailand’ is famous for; with an obvious infusion of a relaxed island lifestyle. The friendly character of the locals is absolutely contagious – you will soon find yourself smiling at the mention of the word Samui.

* The Alluring Soft Sandy Beaches. Feel the warmth and splendor of the sand beneath your feet while you live out your wedding dreams under the afternoon sky, shaded by the abundant coconut palm trees, on a tranquil Samui beach. Shoes are entirely optional.

* The Warm, Inviting Blue Waters of the Gulf of Thailand. What could make a more magnificent backdrop to your wedding memories than Samui Archipelago? Go for a sail around the island, snorkel in the shallow waters, and for the adventurous couples who want to start their marriage with a little “depth”; there are enchanting underwater wedding ceremonies available.

* Give Your Family & Friends A Reason To Take A Holiday! Sometimes we all need a little enticement to escape our daily lives; a reminder that if we don’t take the time to enjoy the opportunities before us, we may never get the same chances again. Koh Samui is the perfect getaway destination for the whole family; young and old alike. Even getting to Thailand’s third largest island has never been easier and simply arriving makes any long-distance expedition worth all the effort. Everyone will thank you for years to come.

* REAL Thai Food Is Absolutely Some Of The Best Food In The World! Think you’ve had good Thai food before? Koh Samui boasts some of Thailand’s finest Chef’s available anywhere in the world; where you can indulge in delicious international delights and authentic Thai cuisine. But don’t pass over those small restaurants you will notice with only a few tables; you may be missing out on the greatest Thai cooking in the world. And if you find you can’t get enough before you go, Samui has many Thai cooking classes to try your own hand at preparing an amazing meal back home.

* More RELAXING and STRESS-FREE Than Having Your Wedding At Home. In today’s global society, Thailand is often neutral ground for many families who reside on different continents. Trying to please everyone but yourselves can lead to disaster; I know you’ve heard the horror stories before. Your wedding day should be about you and your partner’s happiness, commitment to each other and the joining of two families together. Let the naturally calm ambiance of Koh Samui heighten your wedding joy and allow everyone present to relax and remember why they are all here – to be together in celebration.

* Not Just for Weddings. Is your anniversary approaching? Surprise your partner and say “I do” all over again with an afternoon vow renewal, champagne in hand, watching the sunset in each other’s arms. If you want to express your love for your partner in a truly romantic setting; Commitment Ceremonies are becoming increasingly popular and are ideal for many modern couples.

* If we don’t make something special – nothing ever is. Getting married is supposed to be one of the most special days of your life. The uniqueness of saying your nuptials on the beach will make any plans you have for your wedding day that much more unforgettable. Women will feel the timeless romance of the classic fairy tale; men have the benefit of the casual atmosphere, even if they are dressed to the Nine’s. It is the perfect choice for your special day – charm and romance naturally included. Don’t just let your wedding day “happen”. Make the choice to make it special.

There are many more reasons that you will discover, to make Koh Samui home to your wedding dreams. And it doesn’t matter whether you want a large wedding, surrounded by your family and close friends, or if you are seeking a small intimate ceremony, standing across from the one you desire most; your wedding dreams begin with you…


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The First Must -Visit Place in Thailand


Koh Samui Hotels, Samui Beachfront, Chaweng Hotel, First Bungalow, Hotel Samui, rental Samui, booking room, Thailand, full moon party, koh phangan, koh tao samui festival samui event samui wea one day trip samui statue-of-colors The First Must-Visit Place in Thailand

Among numerous tourist destination in Southeast Asia Thailand is the most attractive. Here you can find almost anything: crystal blue beaches, dense jungle, a wide variety of fun activities, experiences, and must-see places.


The first must -visit place is Koh Samui, or Samui, situated in the Gulf of Siam. It is also known as Coconut Island being called so due to multiple coconut trees and their monthly rich crop.

The main attraction of this place is its lush tropical ferns, granite stones, peaceful atmosphere, pure white sandy beaches, crystal blue water, swaying coconut trees, wonderful waterfalls, and luminous ponds. Exotic and fascinating, Thailand is a magnet for travellers the world over. The First Must

A picturesque cave, Wua Ta Lap, is one of the most famous Koh Samui’s sights as well as Phra Yai or the Big Buddha, a 12 mt tall golden idol, probably most famous island landmark housed at the northern part and visible from many kilometres away. And one of the best places to be visited by the whole family is Na Thian Butterfly Garden. It is a small garden with small waterfalls inside and a small river, bridges, a bee house, and connected to the garden a Thai type home.

Viewing such astonishing creations, like Hin Ta – Hin Yai, even scientific purists would be tempted to believe that nature too, can be as whimsical as the most eccentric artist. These 2 stones mean Grandfather and Grandmother and are treated as the start of the Mui people.

You can explore diversity kinds of unusual tropical fish and nautical fauna in the Samui Aquarium. Other places of interest comprise Tham Bua Bok, Thale Nai, the statue Garden exhibiting a collection of Buddhist and Hindu Statues.

Besides Samui has a reputation for its pristine white beaches the most famous of which are Bophut, Chaweng, Maenam Beach and Lamai, flooded with plenty of activities to attempt and new adventures to endeavour. Koh Samui attracts diving fans and enthusiasts by the splendid diving opportunities and sites, so visitors may dive to enjoy the colourful coral off the beaches or at the nearby islets, such as Koh Som, Koh Mad Lang, and Koh Taopun.

Except diving, the next activities also await the traveller here:

Boat Voyage. As Koh Samui has a reputation for its breathtaking landscape there’s so much to do and see on and off the island so why not book a tour to broaden your perspective and to see the best of Samui, to explore the killing lime stone islands where you can stop for a dive, snorkel or just go for a swim. Such service is offered in many of the Koh Samui’s hotels so make inquiry at your hotel.

Climbing. If you need a break from all that lounging on the beach, you may easily try rock climbing. Skilled climbers as well as the beginners are offered easy access to numerous stacks at most of Koh Samui’s hotels and resorts. And when you are fed up with the climbing, you can try a refreshing dip in a nearby beach or pool or a soothing massage instead.

Samui’s pristine forests are decent for bird watching. Unspoiled forests are home to various species of birds such as fly eater, white-bellied sea eagles, mangrove pittas, ruddy kingfisher, and the mangrove whistler.

As an alternative you can simply go out of your hotel for walking around the island and get a glimpse of traditional Thai island life. You can also explore the local community, to wander among the coconut plantations and small villages.

Shopping is an integral part of any trip. There are a lot of shops for souvenirs and crafts on Koh Samui, where you can find anything to your taste.

Beside the island offers great opportunities for bowling, with over 10 pin bowling. If you are an inveterate shooter, you can exercise your shooting skills at the Shooting Gallery.

Fans of extreme sports can find some supreme alternatives for them such as Bungy Jumping in Chaweng. Nightlife on Samui is varied and not quite. Discos, clubs, bars, pubs, music venues, classical Thai dancing. Plus, a huge variety of splendid restaurants through the island.

If you need something different or specific on your trip, then Thai boxing match will suit you never better, or you may learn how to prepare some famous Thai specialties. In case if you would prefer elephants to Jeep you can also try an elephant trekking. The First Must

The followers of more quiet fun can try some other alternatives, for example Treasure Island Adventure Golf Course or a tennis court or use kart amenities as well. If you are looking the opportunity to rejuvenate yourself multiple spa facilities providing various massages and herbal treatments are to your service.

Whatever you may choose for Samui is offering a great variety of accommodations, ranging from hotel rooms and beach bungalows to some of the most luxury villas in the world.

Coming to Thailand many people can’t help wishing to stay there well beyond their primary plans and many others never find a reason to leave. The First Must


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How to Travel From Singapore to Phuket, Samui, Krabi and Koh Phi Phi

How to Travel From Singapore to Phuket, Samui, Krabi and Koh Phi Phi


How to Travel From Singapore to Phuket, Samui, Krabi and Koh Phi PhiPhuket, Koh Samui, Krabi and Koh Phi Phi are the highly visited beach islands close to Thailand. It is the option for a lot of city dwellers in Singapore for the weekend trip destination.


Koh Samui is also called as Samui. Phuket is the largest island and it is situated in the south side of Thailand.

From Phuket, you can also check out the surrounding islands such as Krabi, Koh Phi Phi, and Koh Samui.

Flying from Singapore to Phuket:

Phuket is outfitted with the huge international airport. When you get a flight from Singapore to Phuket, you will reach this international airport which is based at the north of the island. It is the 2nd huge hub,second to Bangkok.

Direct flights (one-way):

The below airlines provide direct flights to travel to Phuket from Singapore. They run 1 to 3 flights daily to Phuket. They have listed as follows:
AirAsia, Tiger airways and Jetstar are the three airlines that provide flights from Singapore to Phuket. The ticket fare is $160 during the peak seasons and it would come down during the off seasons and costs you only $40.

Phuket to Koh Phi Phi:

Ferry trip is accessible from Phuket to Koh Phi Phi. It can take approximately 1 hour and 30min to go by ferry and speedboats would require at least 45 minutes.

It is a spectacular island. It charges 700 baht for adults, and departs at 8:30am and 1:30pm.

Travel to Samui from Phuket:

Traveling facilities from Phuket to Koh Samui is highly comfortable. There are 3 to 5 flights daily from phuket to Koh Samui.

Also Bangkok airways offer direct flights to Koh Samui and it costs from $106.

Travel directly from Singapore to Krabi:

The charges differ according to the seasons. It charges $60 while there is off season and it costs $150 through the peak seasons. Tiger airways operates a flight to Krabi daily from Singapore.

From Krabi to Koh Phi Phi:

Koh Phi Phi is reachable from Krabi and also from Phuket as we have seen above. The ferries depart from 9:30am and 2:30pm.

The ticket expense will be 450 baht when obtained from a tour agent. Additional ferry rides will be included for the duration of the peak seasons.

Travel to Koh Samui from Singapore:

There is a direct flight available to travel to Koh Samui from Singapore. Bangkok airways operates a flight and it charges $385.

It takes 90 minutes to enter Koh Samui from Singapore as it will take from Phuket.

Best time to go to Phuket:

If you adore water sports, go to Phuket during the hot season. Phuket is a humid island.

It has hot weather throughout March to early May. The summer season begins for the duration of May to October.

It gets night rain during the summer months and it has unclear water. So it is not ideal to play the water sports.

November to February will get short and thunderous rainfalls in Phuket. The cool season starts in November and it ends in February.

The weather is reasonable and tolerable.Travelers can get pleasure from visiting the western seashores.

Climate in Koh Phi Phi:

Koh Phi Phi’s very hot season is from January to April, while the rainy season is from May to December. The common temperature ranges from 25 ºC to 32 ºC.

Climate in Krabi:

The greatest occasions to visit Krabi is from November to April when it is warm with some rainfall. It is ideal to go to the seaside throughout this time and play water games such as rafting, diving etc.

Koh Samui:

Koh Samui is dry starting from the month of January till September. It gets rainfall through the month of October to December.

And finally, check the comprehensive information on GuideGecko to find out more on a bus or coach to Singapore.


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Koh Samui Hotels, Samui Beachfront, Chaweng Hotel, First Bungalow, Hotel Samui, rental Samui, booking room, Thailand, full moon party, koh phangan, koh tao samui festival samui event samui wea (10)-2

Best Samui Beach Destinations in Koh Samui

Koh Samui Hotels, Samui Beachfront, Chaweng Hotel, First Bungalow, Hotel Samui, rental Samui, booking room, Thailand, full moon party, koh phangan, koh tao samui festival samui event samui wea (10)-2 Samui Beach

Koh Samui Hotels, Samui Beachfront, Chaweng Hotel, First Bungalow, Hotel Samui, rental Samui, booking room, Thailand, full moon party, koh phangan, koh tao samui festival samui event samui wea (10)-2 Samui Beach Samui Beach

The paradisiacal island of Koh Samui in the Gulf of Thailand is a perfect destination for those looking for an idyllic tropical beach holiday. Featuring crystal clear waters and beautiful golden and white sand and dotted with palms swaying gently in the breeze, these beaches are perfect to soak up the sun and indulge in a range of water activities. Here are some of the areas you can visit. Samui Beach

Chaweng Beach: One of the most exciting and biggest beaches on the island, Chaweng beach is located on the north coast. Here you can enjoy a range of fun activities from sun bathing and swimming to banana boat riding and parasailing. Given its popularity with the visitors it is dotted with resorts and private Koh Samui holiday villas. Also, everything is within convenient distance – be it bars, restaurants, entertainment, and nightlife attractions. You can also find the usual business set ups such as dive shops, souvenir shops, tour operators and internet cafes.

Lamai Beach: Lamai, till some years ago, was a favourite with the backpackers but not so anymore. The stunning beach with a laid back ambience is the second largest beach after Chaweng has witnessed a steep rise in popularity something which is obvious when you see the number of luxury resorts and trendy cafes that have come up in the recent years. It also offers its share of dining and nightlife opportunities. Also, it is very convenient to set base here and explore the island’s numerous attractions including Wat Khunaram and the Grandma and Grandpa rocks.

Bophut: Bophut area, on the northern coast of the island, comprises two places – the beach which stretches for several kilometres between Big Buddha and Maenam beaches, and the well-preserved Fisherman’s Village located right in the centre of the beach. The scenic village boasts old wooden Chinese shop houses and fishing boats making to and fro trips. The village is not just about the past- if features several accommodations of all sizes that reflect the old-world charm but are fitted with all modern comforts.

Maenam Beach: If you are looking for peace and quiet and a long powdery beach fringed by palms swaying gently in the breeze, you will find your answer in Maenam beach. Located to the north of Bophut beach, it is a haven for all visitors – those on a budget and those looking for luxury. From a simple room to a five star holiday villa with a private pool, and everything else in between, there is something for everyone. There is a pier in the middle of the beach from where you can catch a ferry and head to the nearby Koh Phangan, famous for its scenic beaches and also for its Full Moon Party.

East and South Coasts: Those looking for beach areas that are slightly off the beaten track and have a laid back atmosphere, will find interesting beaches, and in some cases, rocky bays overlooking beautiful islets. Cahweng Noi Beach and Coral Cove are peaceful getaway areas, yet they are also close to Chaweng and Lamai beaches, which means that some lively action is within convenient distance. These are areas also offer high end resorts and luxury Koh Samui villas which you can rent for the duration of your stay.


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Some Reasons For Renting a Car While in Kho Samui Thailand

Some Reasons For Renting a Car While in Kho Samui Thailand


Some Reasons For Renting a Car While in Kho Samui Thailand Renting a Car

Koh Samui is a small Island, the many resorts are spread out over this valuable coast line. Samui town itself is the central evening attraction with a host of bars, nightclubs and restaurants. Given that your resort may be miles from the town center and that Samui offers many other attractions such as day spas or healing centers you really do need a hire car. Whilst your resort may have a first class restaurant Samui town offers a wide selection of seafood restaurants all of equal quality, the seafood is displayed on ice in the front of the restaurants to entice you in.

Tip Budget and Thai Rent A Car have depots at the open air tropical airport , both offer first class cars and good insurance cover. Cars can be rented direct from our resort but quality and age will be an issue.

Koh Samui at one time was very cheap and catered mainly to the backpacker that is no longer the case with 5 star hotels in abundance, however some resorts do still cater for the budget traveler. Samui is also popular for the healing or spa type holiday with many first class spa resorts situated along the coastline. They offer all forms of alternative medicine including colon cleansing . If you are on a traditional holiday it is still possible to go along and experience a day of spa treatments.

A rental car is not expensive to run as petrol is cheap in Thailand and parking is free. Do book your car hire in advance with a reputable company to avoid ending up possibly with a car with worn brake pads, no power steering and possibly no or limited insurance cover.

If you decide not to rent a car the you can avail of the local taxi service which comprise of open back pickups with 2 rows of seats ( no seat belts ). These can be flagged down just like a taxi and will bring you back to your resort, do agree a price upfront to save on any misunderstanding, a copy of hotel name card will also help.

Tip : Samui Island is full of local and tourist on motorbikes, do give them the right of way and a wide berth as most will not be wearing safety helmets and some may have been drinking.


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Koh Samui Hotels, Samui Beachfront, Chaweng Hotel, First Bungalow, Hotel Samui, rental Samui, booking room, Thailand, full moon party, koh phangan, koh tao samui festival samui event samui wea (10)-2

Find Your Budget Hotels on Koh Samui

Koh Samui Hotels, Samui Beachfront, Chaweng Hotel, First Bungalow, Hotel Samui, rental Samui, booking room, Thailand, full moon party, koh phangan, koh tao samui festival samui event samui wea (10)-2 Budget Hotels

Koh Samui Hotels, Samui Beachfront, Chaweng Hotel, First Bungalow, Hotel Samui, rental Samui, booking room, Thailand, full moon party, koh phangan, koh tao samui festival samui event samui wea (10)-2 Budget Hotels

Budget hotels on Koh Samui and also resorts offer great values of money to visitors all over the world. These hotels are located in different areas. It is visitors’ choices whether they wish to stay on which area on island.

On Chaweng Beach area, there seem to have lots of choices of budget hotels to visitors. Most of hotels are usually hidden away from the main road of Chaweng Beach. This, to a certain degree, does not matter for visitors who love to stay in cheap hotels on Chaweng area. Chaweng is renowned for its lovely white sandy beach and blue sea area. It is regarded as the best beach on island for all kind of water activities, including swimming, jet skiing, canoeing, sun bathing, etc.

Some examples of cheap hotels on island located at Chaweng include Chaweng Center Hotel, P. Chaweng Guesthouse, and Chaweng Centre Point Apartment. These hotels are well located on Chaweng Beach road and easy to access to the beach area. There is a Chaweng Beach public beach access way that tourists can follow this pathway along to the beach area. Some of small resorts and bungalows on Chaweng beach allow tourists to access Chaweng Beach through their premises, particularly spending a lunch time at their restaurant.

Budget accommodation are not limited only on busy Chaweng area, but also in other areas including Lamai Beach, Nathon, Maenam, and Bophut Beach. Examples of these hotels around koh Samui are Lamui Buri Resort, Jinta hotel, Lolita Bungalow, Smile House, Swing Bar & Rich Resort, Bill Resort respectively. Next trip to island will be more affordable to one who wishes to enjoy their sunshine holiday longer by considering to stay in budget hotels on Koh Samui.


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Koh Samui Hotels, Samui Beachfront, Chaweng Hotel, First Bungalow, Hotel Samui, rental Samui, booking room, Thailand, full moon party, koh phangan, koh tao

Koh Samui Beaches – Your Choice For Excitement and Relaxation


Koh Samui Hotels, Samui Beachfront, Chaweng Hotel, First Bungalow, Hotel Samui, rental Samui, booking room, Thailand, full moon party, koh phangan, koh tao

The Thai island of Koh Samui Beaches is renowned for its picture-perfect white sand beaches, some of which provide every imaginable facility, while others are secluded enough to offer privacy and romance. Coconut palms sway over powder-soft sand, spotless waters lap invitingly at visitors’ feet. The beaches of Koh Samui provide the opportunity to have you hair braided, obtain a massage, dine on barbecued chicken or just spend an afternoon’s leisure, drink in hand. If water sports suit your fancy, diving, sailing and many activities are also on offer.

Chaweng Beach is Koh Samui’s biggest and busiest beach, offering a variety of entertainment and leisure options not found elsewhere on the island. Chaweng offers a mesmerizing assortment of restaurants and bars to suit every taste. Its famed Green Mango strip offers a multitude of nightlife options, from dance bars to pubs, attracting a host of visitors and fashionable locals alike. Chaweng’s three kilometer main strip also offers quieter, less lively venues for an afternoon’s relaxation.Samui Beaches

Lamai Beach is Koh Samui’s next largest development, also offering a variety of entertainment options, albeit with a somewhat more sedate ambience. Less frenetic and quieter than Chaweng, Lamai’s establishments are generally somewhat older, and therefore less expensive. Nonetheless there are a great many cafes and nightlife venues to explore, as well as spas and other tourist attractions.Samui Beaches

Maenam Beach On the other hand Maenam Beach’s superb views and rambling pathways attract many backpackers and tourists on a budget, additionally offering a greater degree of privacy due to its laidback character.

Bophut Beach includes a stretch of sand extending for several kilometers as well as the quaint Fisherman’s Village, which occupies the beach’s central section. Fisherman’s Village has acquired renown as the best-preserved and most elegant part of the island. A variety of shops invite the visitor, among them boutiques offering quality jewellery and clothing.

To experience luxury spa treatments at Koh Samui, the ideal choice would be the Chuan Spa at Langham Place Samui at Lamai Beach, one of the day spas which offers exceptional quality treatments.Samui Beaches

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Na muang waterfall samui waterfall

Koh Samui Waterfalls, a Natural Wonder


Koh Samui Waterfalls, a Natural Wonder Na Muang

Thailand has over the years acquired a reputation as a country rich in both natural and manmade attractions.Na Muang

Na muang waterfall samui waterfall

Na muang waterfall samui waterfall

The waterfalls of Koh Samui in Thailand have gained renown as delightfully picturesque natural formations which never fail to captivate the visitor. Many travellers from abroad as well as Thais visit the scenic falls to experience the beauty and glory of this natural setting away from the hustle and bustle of the urban areas. Each of the different waterfalls has its own distinctive charm, making each a delightful spectacle.Na Muang

One of the most famed waterfalls in the region is the Na Muang 1 Waterfall which is noted for its convenient accessibility and beautiful recreational area where visitors may choose to have a swim. The base of the falls may be reached via a somewhat challenging but visually appealing stairway provided by the rock formations at the site. However the visitor must take care when treading on the rocks concealed by the foam of the waterfall. The surreal atmosphere of this lovely site is completed by the view of the nearby elephant trails where pachyderms can be seen lumbering over downstream waters carrying intrigued tourists.

However the distinction of being Koh Samui’s loveliest waterfall is usually accorded to the Na Muang 2 Waterfall. The sight of this marvel of nature in radiant sunshine with its lush surroundings and amazing rock formations is one that will never be forgotten. A refreshing ten minute walk which adds to the fun must be undertaken to reach the site. The visitor would do well to bring a camera and a snack; souvenirs also may be purchased nearby.

Hin Lad Waterfall enjoys a special status as the least visited waterfall in Koh Samui, largely because a 2 kilometre walk is needed to reach it, but this only enhances the pristine beauty of the location. The invigorating walk lies along a captivating jungle path, and travellers may refresh themselves with a swim in the waterfall’s pool. It is advisable to bring a drink and a snack, and you should allow plenty of time to take in the sights of the area.

Meanwhile the Wang Saotong is a relatively tall waterfall and a visit to its appealing environs entails a 1 kilometre walk to reach the falls. The glorious surroundings and mesmerizing murmur of the waters make for a delightful afternoon’s relaxation in the midst of nature

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